Cheese-and-egg pie with Kriška

Nov 19, 2022


– ½ kg filo pastry
– four eggs
– 200 ml oil
– ½ kg Kriška cheese
– 200 ml sparkling water
– ½ baking powder


Coat the baking dish with oil. Take two filo sheets and cover the bottom of the baking dish so that half of filo sheets are in the baking dish and half falls over the edge of the baking dish. Chop the remaining filo sheets into small pieces. Beat the eggs, add crumbled Kriška cheese, a cup of oil, sparkling water, baking powder and chopped filo sheets. Mix everything. Pour into the baking dish, distribute evenly, and fold over the ends of filo sheets that were left outside the baking dish. Put in a heated oven at 200 degrees. Bake until risen and golden brown.

Serve with curdled milk or beer. Enjoy your meal!

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