Experience Homolje Mountains

Keep your eyes closed. Hear insects whirring. Smell herbs and melliferous plants. Feel the pulse of life beating in your body and carried by the wind circulates everywhere and returns as an echo of health. Where are you, do you know? Let me tell you where you want to be. You want to see idyllic meadows, abysses, pits, karsts, streams, springs, fountainheads, rocky grounds, forests, virgin forests, waterfalls, everything in one place. The Carpathian Mountains. Eastern Serbia, Homolje. Green, blue and warm earth colours changing and embracing everything – embracing you.


As the old saying goes: “If you are not in trouble don’t go to Homolje”, and the new one could be: “If you don’t want problems, go to Homolje./There are no problems when you go to Homolje./Problems go away, come to Homolje”.


It is an incredible link between nature and a man.


This nature reserve of 37 hectares of forests at an altitude of up to 800 meters has not been touched, cut or afforested by man, but he protected and preserved it. One of the deepest sources in Europe – the source of the river Mlava with crystal clear water, is known as an oasis of peace and tranquility. Mountaineers and hikers, hunters, fishermen and bird watchers enjoy in Homolje forests and mountains. Along with the charms of Homolje healthy food, they also find inner peace. Abundance and clean, fragrant air are part of the Homolje experience.


This is a place where you can see a variety of vegetation, and wild animals approach you at every step – wolf, roe-buck, wild boar, deer, and mouflon. Herds of cattle and horses roam freely in the mountain pastures. Cows graze at the source of freshness and guarantee that healthy milk flows from untouched pastures of Homolje. Easily digestible dairy products full of protein and healthy fats are produced from that milk. Cheeses made in Mlekara Homolje are pure, healthy and tasty, a real gift for every organism.


In the story of a bee, this region has woven a system of beliefs and ritual behaviour that should have provided it with favourable conditions for development. During the Principality of Serbia, there was a plum orchard around every house, and an apiary with bees around the garden. Swarms of high-quality bees and selected queens produce Homolje honey, which they say, “feeds and defends”. It is worth a fortune.


Cultural heritage of Homolje is rich and diverse. Legends, magic, brigandage, and fairies have their place in the cultural heritage of Serbia. The foundations of Despot Stefan and Prince Lazar – “Manasija” and “Ravanica” are pearls of medieval Serbia. Vlach customs show the experience of living in this region, ways of working and traditional recipes. Associations of small farmers are diligent and try, and it seems they succeed, to happily combine tradition with sustainability. Combination of experience and maintenance of healthy environment guarantees the excellence of everything made in Homolje.


That is where you want to be.