Dedicated to nature

Mlekara Homolje encourages development of small farmers

Once powerful cooperatives and today small farms and their farmers are dedicated to production of pure and quality milk in a healthy, and yet wild and untouched nature. We advise and educate them and continuously improve their skills with one goal – to ensure a healthy, natural and quality product such as milk from Homolje.

We do it passionately and responsibly, every day.

We commit to the preservation of natural balance and maintenance of biodiversity that develops and survives undisturbed. We firmly believe that the symbiosis between farmers and nature from which they arose is a vital part of sustainability.


Free range and happy cows give healthy milk

It all starts with the awareness that cows are a valuable natural resource.

Free range cows, raised in their natural environment, in clean air, calm and content, they graze on fresh Homolje grass.

Therefore, their milk is both healthier and tastier.

Healthy, free range and happy cows give healthy and high-quality milk.


A powerful combination – tradition and advanced technology

Tradition enriched by decades of experience together with advanced, high technology has proven to be a powerful combination that ensures natural, healthy and tasty products at your table.

Therefore, whatever product you choose – you can be sure that it comes from dedicated followers of tradition, from natural and clean environment, and that milk is produced on local farms in Homolje, under the supervision of our dedicated team.

Geographical origin, production quality and traditional recipe of Eastern Serbia, we guarantee the right choice.