When spoon falls into honey from Homolje

Legend says that honey is God’s gift and God’s assistants – bees originate from paradise. In ancient times, people searched for swarms of wild bees for precious food and extraordinary medicine they produced – honey. Bees hid their hives in tree trunks, under the bark. When the axe, after cutting the tree, fell into honey hidden inside, the happiness was sudden and enormous. Honey was found.


Today, in a stationary system of keeping and caring for bees exclusively in a small area of Homolje, the Homolje oasis offers dense honey of unsurpassed quality of protected geographical origin. Quality swarms and selected queens are busy and faithfull to these meadows and mountains. Bees never leave Homolje, but collect nectar diligently all year round. Traditional production and cold pressing guarantee a product of superior nutritional value, without artificial additives, natural and pure. Scent of Homolje honey is floral, characteristic of vegetation in the environment, full of honey-bearing herbs.


Composition of honey is complex. It contains several types of sugar, but fructose and dextrose prevail. These monosaccharides reach the blood quickly without burdening the body with processing. Honey is an important energy source. It is suitable for everyday use, excellent for recovery after illness, for workers in difficult manual jobs, for sports routine, for child development, as a treat. In addition to sugar, honey contains proteins, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids, minerals, and is extremely rich in vitamins, especially from the B complex group. If tightly closed and stored it has an unlimited shelf life.


Over 180 registered plant species are in the structure of Homolje honey, so it is not surprising that this honey is curative. First, it affects our immune system, naturally strengthening it. With daily use, we nourish the cells, benefit the heart and blood vessels, and especially improve physical and mental abilities. It is extremely important for children because it affects concentration and proper development. Honey from Homolje removes fatigue and nervous tension, and restores respiratory organs.

It seems that benefits from honey are endless. With regular use of honey from Homolje, viruses, microorganisms and infections will bypass us. It is always ideal, especially in transitional periods of the year, when we adapt to weather changes. In spring, summer, autumn and winter, let your spoon fall into Urda snack with honey from Homolje.

The feeling of healthy happiness goes without saying.